No person shall allow, or cause to allow, discharges into the Municipality’s separate storm sewer system or into surface Waters of the Commonwealth, which are not composed entirely of stormwater, except:

1)         As provided below, and

2)         Discharges allowed under a state or federal permit.

The following discharges are authorized unless they are determined to be significant contributors to pollution to the Waters of the Commonwealth.

  • Discharge from fire fighting activities.
  • Potable water sources including dechlorinated water line and fire hydrant flushings.
  • Irrigation drainage.
  • Air conditioning condensate.
  • Springs.
  • Water from crawl space pumps.
  • Pavement wash waters where spills or leaks of toxic or hazardous materials have not occurred (unless all spill material has been removed) and where detergents are not used.
  • Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands.
  • Uncontaminated water from foundations or from footing drains.
  • Lawn watering.
  • Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges.
  • Uncontaminated groundwater.
  • Water from individual residential car washing.
  • Routine external building washdown (which does not use detergents or other compounds).
  • Diverted stream flows.

Roof drains and sump pumps shall discharge to infiltration areas, vegetative BMP’s (Best Management Practice), or pervious areas to the maximum extent practicable.