What is the Uniform Construction Code (UCC)?

The Commonwealth enacted Act 45, the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (UCC). The Department of Labor & Industry has adopted regulations to implement the UCC.

The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) provides standards for construction, alteration, repair, movement, demolition or change of occupancy of buildings and structures and the installation, enlargement, alteration, repair, conversion, replacement of electrical, gas, mechanical and plumbing systems.

Lawrence Park Township, as with all other municipalities, does not have the option of whether or not it wishes its residents to follow the construction codes. The only option municipalities have is whether they wish to enforce or not enforce the UCC. The Board of Commissioners deliberated the pros and cons of enforcing the UCC and approved enforcing the Code. Doing so, allows our residents to have inspections done within 48 hours and provides an inspection firm for our residents. If the Township had chosen not to enforce the Code, residents would have the responsibility of obtaining a State certified inspector and there would have been a greater time period for the inspections to be accomplished.

Lawrence Park has joined with Harborcreek, Millcreek and Fairview Townships and employed Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc. (BIU) to admininster and enforce the UCC. The Township will continue to issue Zoning Permits and Building Inspection Underwriters will issue UCC permits and inspect construction.

The UCC only regulates codes for construction projects. The Township still oversees and issues Zoning Permits, regulations for subdivision and land development, stormwater management, street cut permits and sewer hook-up. The Township Zoning codes regulates setback requirements, building heights, etc., and requires permits for certain projects.


What codes or inspections are required by the Uniform Construction Codes?

Act 45 adopts the following construction codes:

  • International Building Code – Including Appendix E (Supplementary Accessibility Requirements) and Appendix H (Signs)
  • International Residential Code – Including AE501-AE503 and AE601-AE605 of Appendix E (Manufactured Housing as Dwellings) and Appendix G (Swimming Poolis, Spas and Hot Tubs)
  • Electrical Code
  • Mechanical Code
  • Fuel Gas Code
  • Plumbing Code
  • Fire Code
  • Energy Conservation Code
  • Existing Building Code
  • Urban-Wildland Interface Code

Residential Inspections are required for:

  • Building Inspections:  footing/foundation,  frame,  insulation,  drywall,  final
  • Plumbing inspections:  water/sewer open trench,  rough,  final
  • Mechanical inspections:  rough,  final
  • Electrical inspections:  rough,  service,  final

Please check with the local inspectors (BIU) to see which of these inspections will be required for your project.  All inspections must be called in, at least, 24 hours in advance.  The field copy of the plans must be available to the inspector at the work site for review during inspections.

Please have work to be inspected completed before requesting inspections.


When am I required to obtain a UCC inspection and permit?

The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) requires inspection and permits for the construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, movement, demolition or the change of occupancy of a residential building.

Permits are also required for the erection, installation, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, conversion or replacement of an electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system regulated by the Uniform Construction Code.


What is the plan review process for UCC inspection and permit?

Residential Plans Requiring UCC Inspection and Permits

Plans may be drawn by the homeowner, contractor or a licensed design professional.  Two sets of plans with the following information are to be submitted:

Building Plan Review Requirements

  • Front, rear and side elevatations
  • Footing and foundation drawing
  • Floor plan
  • Framing plan showing floor, ceiling, roof details
  • Window and door schedule
  • Location of all smoke detectors
  • “R” value of wall and ceiling insulation

Plumbing Plan Review Requirements

  • Diagram of water system with pipe sizes
  • Diagram of drainage and venting system with pipe sizes
  • Plumbing fixture types and locations

Mechanical Plan Review Requirements

  • Location and size of equipment
  • Diagram of air distribution and return air system.
  • Ventilation and exhaust schedule(s)
  • Combustion air requirements for all new applicances
  • BTU ratings of new gas fired appliances
  • Diagram of gas piping including pipe sizes

Electrical Plan Review Requirements

  • Location of new electrical devices: receptacles, lights, switches, appliances, panels, subpanels and disconnects
  • Wiring diagram indicating size and type of wire
  • Panel and subpanel schedules


What is the permitting process for a UCC permit?

Step 1 –  Visit or call the Zoning Administrator at the Lawrence Park Township Building to see what, if any, approvals or permits are required before construction can begin.  When a Zoning Permit is required, it must be obtained prior to the UCC application.

If your project requires only the Township Zoning Permit, the Zoning Adminstrator can issue it once the application has been completed and approved, insurance information received, and fee paid.

Step 2If your project requires a UCC permit and inspection (and may or may not require a Zoning Permit) complete the construction permits and jacket.  The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage Information form is also required to be submitted.

Step 3 – Pick up the construction permit applications and jacket from the construction office.

Step 4 – After the construction permit jacket has been approved and signed by the local officials, return the construction jacket and permits, along with 2 sets of construction drawings to the construction office.

Step 5 – The code official and inspectors will review the application and drawings for code complicance.  If any more information is required, the construction office will contact you.

Step 6 – The construction office will contact you when the application is approved and ready to be picked up.  All permit fees are due at this time.

Step 7 – You are now ready to begin construction.

Step 8 – Please request inspections 24 hours in advance.  Inspection requests can either be phoned or faxed into the office.  At each inspection the inspector will leave an inspection sticker notifying you of the result of the inspection.  Once an inspection has been approved you may move onto the next phase.

Step 9 – When all final inspections have been approved, a certificate of occupancy will be signed and sent to the Lawrence Park Zoning Administrator.

Step 10 – The Zoning Administrator will issue the certificate of occupancy if all prior approvals have been satisfied.  Your project is now complete.

What are the UCC and Zoning Fees?



Dwelling Units: $ 250.00
Additions, Accessory Structures: $ 50.00


New Building
1-1,500 square feet area: $750.00

1,501-10,000 square feet area: $1,400.00
Over 10,000 square feet area: $2,500.00

Additions and Renovations
1-500 square feet area: $300.00
501-2,500 square feet area: $600.00
Over 2,500 square feet area: $1,200.00


New Building
1-5,000 square feet area: $750.00
5,001-25,000 square feet area: $2,000.00
Over 25,000 square feet area: $4,800.00

Additions and Renovations
1-2,500 square feet area: $500.00
Over 2,500 square feet area: $1,500.00

DEMOLITIONS –  $ 25.00



Fees for plan reviews, inspections, and other services payable to the building code officisal when application for construction permit is submitted.  Township surcharge on UCC permits – 10% of total UCC permit fee payable whenever Township permit or review is also required.  Appeal Fee to Board of Appeals – $600.00

What are the UCC building inspection fees?

Fees listed below are for Building Inspection Underwriters services, which include plan review and inspection services.

Building Inspections
Residential – single family 15 cents per square foot
Residential – 2 family 15 cents per square foot
Residential – multi-family 15 cents per square foot
Residential – additions 15 cents per square foot
Residential – alteration & repairs 1.5% of construction cost
Utility & misc. use groups 1.5% of construction cost
Commercial – new construction 25 cents per square foot
Commercial – additions 25 cents per square foot
Commercial – alterations & repairs 2.5% of construction cost
School/institutional – new construction 25 cents per square foot
School/institutional – additions, alterations 25 cents per square foot
Demolition $50.00
Signs $25.000 + $2.00 per square foot
Other $50.00 minimum
NOTE 1: Fees are established on the basis of per square foot of “Gross Floor Areas” (GFA), which includes total square footage of all floors within the perimeter of the outside walls, including basements, cellars, garages, roofed patios, breezeways, covered walkways and attics with a floor to ceiling height of 6’6″ or more.
NOTE 2: Fees are for services during normal working hours on regular business days.

Overtime fees for inspectins performed outside normal business hours are $50.00 per hour; 3-hour minimum.

What are the UCC electrical inspection fees?

Electrical Inspections  
Rough wire – 1 to 25 outlets $15.00
Rough wire                 each additional outlet  50 cents
Finish wire – 1 to 25 outlets $15.00
Finish wire each additional outlet  50 cents
Service meter equipment – 200 amp or less $40.00
Service meter equipment – 201-400 amp            $55.00
Service meter equipment – over 400 amp    Additional $15.00 per 100 amp
Single family dwelling not over 200 amp            $70.00           
Single family dwelling alterations/additions  
Single family dwelling occupancy safety,  
Repairs and installations                        
Range/Dryer $10.00
Electric Heater or Hot Water $10.00
Garbage Disposal/Dishwasher $10.00
Residential  Air Conditioning $10.00
Other $50.00 minimum
Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs  $45.00
Above ground pools             $45.00
In-ground pools $60.00 – wiring & $40.00 bonding
Temporary Installations $100.00
Heating/Cooling/Transformers, Generators, Electric Furnaces, Welders, Motors, etc.
1 kw, hp, or kva                                             $12.00
1.1-20 kw, hp, or kva $25.00
20.1-40 kw, hp, or kva $30.00
40.1-75 kw, hp, or kva $35.00
75.1-100 kw, hp, or kva                                $50.00
Over 100 kva Additional $1.00 per kva
Electric Signs $45.00
            Signaling, Communication & Alarm Systems
1-10 devices  $40.00
Each additional device $1.00
Minimum Fee (if any) $50.00


What are the UCC plumbing inspection fees?

Plumbing Inspection  
Residential – first 5 fixtures $40.00
   – each additional fixture     $8.00
    – sewer $50.00
   – water service $50.00
   – water heater $8.00
   – appliances (washer, dishwasher, disposal, et.) $8.00
    –  first 5 fixtures $40.00
    – each additional fixture $8.00
    – sewer                                                       $50.00
     – water service $50.00
     – water heater                                                   $  8.00
    – appliances $8.00
Other $50.00 minimum


What are the UCC mechanical inspection fees?

Mechanical Inspections
Water Heaters All based on cost of construction:
Circulating or condensate pumps $40.00 for 1st $1,000 of cost
Exhaust fans, return air fans $10.00 for each additional $1,000 cost
Heat exchangers and incinerators
Air handling units/chillers
Fuel oil piping system
Underground snow-melt systems
Solar heating and cooling systems
Dust collectors
Gas piping system
Chimneys and vents
Grease removal system
Flammable/combustible liquid storage
Other $50.00 minimum fee


What are the inspection fees for manufactured/modular homes?

Electrical $50.00
Plumbing $50.00
Heating $50.00
Other               $50.00