Interested in helping your neighbors and making your community safe?

Join the Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department.

We are always looking for new members to join our family.  Just stop by the Department and see what we have to offer.

The Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department has dedicated men and women who serve to protect our residents and assist neighboring municipalities. These volunteers devote many hours of their time in training to fight fires and  become certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Others  form the Fire Department Safety Police and provide traffic control during fire calls and emergencies.

The Fire Department has a dynamic ongoing training program. Members participate in weekly training sessions designed to sharpen skills in disciplines of fire response, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and rescue venues. In addition to in-house training, members also participate in local level State Fire Academy programs throughout the year.

In addition to responding to fire and ambulance calls, these dedicated people do many other community related services such as fire safety programs at elementary schools or tours of the Fire Hall for Safety Town students and assist with community programs (Halloween, Annual Christmas Bag Distribution and the 4th of July Celebration and fireworks).

2021 Current list of Fire Department Officers

  • Fire Chief – Joe Crotty
  • Deputy Chief  – Mitch Dabrowski
  • Deputy Chief – Richard Bliss
  • Lieutenant – Cory Bernat
  • Rescue Lieutenant – Tad Aker
  • Squad Lieutenant – Brittany Bliss
  • Maintenance/Equipment Lieutenant – Luther Jones

Members:  Tad Acker, Corey Bernat, Rick Bliss, Brittany Bliss, John Brown, Joe Crotty, Megan Crotty, Timothy Crotty, Mitch Dabrowski, Tyrell Davis, Luther Jones, Mark Peoples, Allen Lombardozzi, Barb Crotty, Dave Crotty, Terry Lapping, Harold Perkins, Joe E. Crotty, Andy Cadwallader

Business/Table Officers:

  • President – Tim Crotty
  • Vice President – Allen Lombardozzi
  • Treasurer – Joe E. Crotty
  • Secretary – Brittany Bliss