Meeting Notice

Beginning September 9th all Township meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.  Contact the Township at 814-899-2305 one day prior to the meeting for a code to attend.

Pro Waste Pickup Guidelines

Grass Clippings – please place in bags and put out on your normal garbage day.  Please do not overload the bags - be sure the bag is light enough for one person to pick up. [read more]

Housing Rehab Assistance

Assistance is available to income qualified families in Wesleyville, Lawrence Park, and Wattsburg to have repairs made to their homes.  The assistance is being provided through Erie County’s Act 137 Affordable Housing Fund program. The [read more]

Can you volunteer?

Want to volunteer to help your community?  Can you give your time and expertise to the Township?  Listed below are the current Commissions.  If you would like to volunteer please contact the Township office (899-2305) [read more]