Police Department Non-Emergency Number:  (814) 898-1634
Police Chief:  John Morell

The Lawrence Park Township Police Department is headquartered at the east end of our Community Center and currently has nine full-time officers to provide 24-hour police protection to our community. In addition, the Police Department oversees the School Crossing Guard program.  Police coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The police department office is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays, except holidays.  When the department’s office is not staffed, the Erie County 911 Center handles all calls and dispatches police officers to handle situations.

The Lawrence Park Township Police Department:

  • Has a dog control officer to handle all complaints regarding dogs.
  • Has a School Resource Officer which is a great help with juvenile crime.
  • Works with the Lawrence Park/East Lake Shore Lion’s Club to conduct the annual Safety Town program for children who are about to enter kindergarten. The program teaches basic pedestrian and traffic safety. The program generates much enthusiasm and the preschoolers always look forward to attending,
  • Conducts the annual Bike Rodeo teaching bicycle safety, maneuverability, and stressing the importance of wearing helmets. As part of the Bike Rodeo, bikes register with the Police Department as to make, model and color for identification in case of loss.
  • Facilitates a security/vacation house check program.

These are just a few of the community service programs in place to educate and foster communication between the people of our community and our law enforcement officers.

Impounded Vehicle Information:  Police officers are authorized to remove by towing and have stored any vehicle parked on any street, roadway, or public property in the Township in violation of any provision of law, Township Ordinance, or in the interest of public safety or emergency.  Police will provide impounded vehicle information to the vehicle’s owner at all reasonable times.  The vehicle’s owner is responsible for towing and storage charges.

Parking Tickets:  Parking tickets are to be paid at the Police Department at 4230 Iroquois Avenue, Erie, PA  16511 either in person or by mail. (Parking regulations are enforced 365 days a year.)  Fines are as follows:

  • $15.00 if paid within 72 hours of the time that the ticket is issued
  • $25.00, If paid 72 hours of the ticket being issued, until day 7
  • $50.00, if the fine is not paid within 7 days of the date that ticket was issued. (On day 7 the fine goes to $50, until a State citation is issued)

The district magistrate settles parking ticket disputes.  Court dates are set by the magistrate’s office.  Protests that fail cause court costs to be added to the amount of the parking fine.

Traffic Tickets:  Traffic citations must be paid, either in person or through the mail, at the district magistrate’s office (District Justice Lisa Ferrick, 3921 Buffalo Road, Erie, PA  16510).  Protested tickets are handled through court hearings. Failed protests cause court costs to be added to the case’s outcome.

Reporting a Crime:  Crimes can be reported by calling the police department, personal appearance at the police station, or dialing 911 for an emergency.  If nobody is staffing the office at the time of your call, it is transferred automatically to the Erie County 911 Center.  Officers are dispatched immediately.

ORDINANCES FOR GENERAL OFFENSES (click Chapter to follow link)

Chapter 610 – Alcoholic Beverages:  Consumption or Open Container on Public Property or in Vehicle; Consumption or Open Container on Property under Control of Public Agency; Consumption or Open Container on Other Public Property; Possession of Food or Beverages in Glass Containers in Parks and on Other Public Property; Application of Federal or State Laws; Penalty

Chapter 616 – Animals:  Lawrence Park has a dog control officer to handle all complaints regarding dogs.  Call the Police Department at (814) 898-1634.  Restraint of Animals; Fouling on Property of Others; Animals Disturbing the Peace; Warnings; Notices; Violations; Complaints; Prosecution of Violators; Abatement of Violations in Lieu of Prosecutions; Penalty

Chapter 650 – Offenses Relating to Property:  Tampering with Public Property; Tampering with Stakes, Posts and Monuments; Tampering with Warning Lamps, Signs, or Barricades; Removal of Material from Streets, Alleys, or Public Grounds; Exceptions; Civil Liability of Violators; Penalty

Chapter 656 – Peace Disturbances:  Loitering and Prowling; Minors Curfew; Excessive Noise; Presence or Participation in a Disorderly House Prohibited; Penalty

Chapter 668 – Safety, Sanitation, and Health:  Accumulation of Leaves, Trash, etc. on Streets and in Gutters; Smoking on School Property or School Buses; Open Fires; Penalty

Chapter 678 – Weapons and Explosives:  Intent of Chapter; Sale of Certain Weapons to Minors Prohibited; Possession of Certain Weapons by Minors Prohibited; Permitting Use of Certain Weapons by Minors Prohibited; Seizure and Destruction of Weapons; Sale or Use of Fireworks Prohibited; Exceptions; Discharging Firearms and Other Weapons; Penalty