When can I put out my trash?

Township Code 1060.04 states garbage, rubbish and recyclables shall not be placed out for collection earlier than 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled pick-up date of said items, and all containers shall be removed from the area not later than 12:00 midnight on the date of collection.

What can I do if a residence has high grass or debris in their yard?

Please call the Township Office and the Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the issue.  Township Code does not permit any grass, weeds or any vegetation, not edible or planted for some useful or ornamental purpose, to grow or remain upon such premises so as to exceed a height of six inches, to emit any unpleasant or noxious odor, to conceal any filthy deposit or to create or produce pollen.

Township Code does not permit any rubbish, junk, ashes, garbage, debris, filth, refuse material or dangerous or noxious substances of any kind whatsoever to accumulate.  Township Code sets penalties for violation of the code.

Can I store my car while I repair it?

Township Code does not permit the storage or parking of any wrecked, junked, stripped or abandoned motor vehicle on private property. “Abandoned vehicle” means any vehicle which has been left unattended or neglected by the owner or which outwardly appears to have no apparent owner or person in possession, or which has no legal registration plate. “Junk vehicle” means any vehicle which is not complete and in operating condition or does not bear a current registration plate. Code states that the vehicle must be removed within a certain time period.

However, Township Code 1286.25(h) allows for a special exception permit to be issued by the Board of Commissioners to a resident, for a period of up to forty-five days, provided there is an effort to repair the vehicle, the vehicle is not a hazard to area residents, and the resident is ill and/or suffering a hardship which prohibits the resident from removing the vehicle.

What permits am I required to obtain?

Depending on the construction you may be required to obtain a Lawrence Park Zoning Permit (issued by the Township Zoning Administrator) and/or a UCC Permit and Inspections (issued by Building Inspection Underwriters).  Permit applications are available at the Township office.  Examples of various projects are listed below.  If you have a project that is not listed, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Residential Construction projects that require a Zoning Permit  (the Lawrence Park Zoning Permit application) issued by the Township Zoning Administrator, but do not require UCC inspection or permit: 

  • decks under 30″ in height (floor height) which do not have a roof
  • fences
  • sheds, carports or detached garages less than 1000 square feet and that do not have electrical, mechanical, plumbing or natural gas systems requiring a UCC inspection, and are accessory to a detached one-family dwelling
  • awnings
  • concrete slabs more than 4″ above grade
  • vehicle storage permits
  • demolition of any structure
  • retaining walls or decorative landscape timbers 12″ or higher above normal grade, up to 4 feet above grade. Retaining walls above 4 feet require a UCC permit.

Residential Construction projects that require UCC inspection or permit (the manila Construction Permit application) but do not require a Zoning Permit issued by the Township:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Mechanical systems

Residential Construction projects requiring both a Township Zoning Permit (Lawrence Park Township Zoning Permit application) and a UCC inspection and permit (manila Construction Permit application):

  • New homes
  • Additions
  • Farm outbuildings, sheds, garages, greenhouses, over 1000 square feet, or having electrical wiring, mechanical systems, plumbing or natural gas systems
  • Decks above 30″ in height or with roofs
  • Windows or doors in new openings
  • Altering any openings (windows, doors, etc.) or altering any framing (dormers, roof pitch changes, skylights, moving walls, etc.) on any existing buildings
  • Retaining walls more than 4′ above normal grade

Residential construction projects that do not require Zoning Permits or UCC inspection and permits:

  • Sidewalks or driveways at grade (if you are cutting the curb or street a Street Cut Permit is required by the Township)
  • Replacement of existing siding (if you make any alterations, permits may be required)
  • Replacement of kitchen appliances, toilets and sinks
  • Replacement of a switch, receptacle or light fixture rated 20 amps & 120 volts or less except GFCI protected devices
  • Exterior painting
  • Adding storm windows or doors on existing windows or doors
  • Replacement of doors or windows in same size opening (if you alter the size of the opening, a permit is required)
  • Adding gutters, soffits and downspouts
  • Landscape timbers or retaining walls less than 12 inches above normal grade
  • Small decorative outbuildings such as dog houses, wishing wells, lighthouses, etc., that cover less than 20 square feet or contains less than 80 cubic feet of content

Please discuss your proposed project with the Zoning Administrator before beginning work.  Only the Zoning Administrator and the Code Official can make the determination what permit is required.  If you are doing commercial or industrial construction, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Uniform Construction Code information.

How much are zoning fees?  Visit the Zoning & Fees section for details.

What is the permitting process for a Township Zoning Permit?

This is for projects requiring only a Township Zoning Permit.  If your project requires a UCC Permit, please see the other sections.

Please complete the Building Application and return to the Zoning Administrator or the Township Office.  The application must be completed on the front page and an example is included with the application.  Also complete the inside of the application by sketching, or providing on separate paper, a drawing of your property.  Include all current structures and the proposed construction.  List all dimensions of structures and the linear feet from all structures to front, side or rear property lines, as appropriate.

If you have a contractor, he must complete and return the Addendum to Building Permit with a Certificate of Insurance or Certificate of Self Insurance.  If the homeowner is doing the construction, the homeowner must complete and return Section III of the Addendum.

Pay the appropriate fee.

Post the Zoning Permit on the structure or in the residence’s window during construction.

Notify the Zoning Administrator when the project is complete.

How do I determine where my property line starts?

Download our Setback and Right of Way document or call the Township Administration building at 814-899-2305 with any questions.

The complete codes are available at the Township office.