The Township is fortunate to have so many members of the community volunteer to serve on the following boards.  They provide a valuable advisory service to the Board of Commissioners and the community by giving their time and expertise to the Township.  Please thank them when you see them!

If you would like to volunteer please contact the Township office (899-2305) or one of the Commissioners for more information about the various boards.


The Civil Service Commission consists of three members who provide for the examination of applicants for positions and promotions within the Lawrence Park Police Department.  The Commission establishes qualifications for positions, tests applicants for appointments and provide hearings, when required, for Police Department positions.  The Commission only meets when there is business to conduct.


  • Larry Frank, Chairman
  • Richard A. Garman, Secretary
  • Dane Klaproth


Effective December 31, 2022, the Planning Committee of Lawrence Park Township is abolished and replaced with a new planning agency in the form of a Planning Committee.   A Planning Committee consisting of five (5) members is hereby created and established for the Township of Lawrence Park, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  The Township Engineer shall serve the Planning Committee as an engineering advisor, and the Township Solicitor shall serve the Committee as a legal advisor.   The Planning Committee shall be comprised of all members of the Board of Commissioners. Membership on the Planning Committee shall automatically commence when an individual becomes a Township Commissioner and shall automatically terminate when an individual ceases to be a Township Commissioner.


The Recreation Board consists of seven members serving staggered five-year terms.  Of the seven members two are appointed by the Iroquois School Board.  The Recreation Board, under the direction of the Board of Commissioners (and specifically the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation), reviews, plans, and makes recommendations to the Commissioners on recreation programs and facilities.

Meetings are held at the Township building four times per year.


  • Jim Van Dyne, Chairman
  • Cathy Maruca, Secretary
  • Jenn Sheldon, School Board Representative
  • Tom Brown
  • Jen Cadden
  • Jacob Hordych


The Vacancy Board, consisting of one member, assists the Board of Commissioners, as requested, in selecting a member of the community to replace a Commissioner who has resigned his position between elections.  The Vacancy Board only assists when the Commissioners are unable to reach a decision.

The Board meets with the Commissioners on an as needed basis.


The Zoning Hearing Board, consisting of three members, is a quasi-judicial board designed to hear appeals on the validity of the zoning ordinance or map decision of the zoning administrator.  The Board has the authority to grant variances and special exceptions as outlined in the zoning ordinance.  The members are elected to staggered three-year terms

The Board meets the third Monday of every month, beginning at 7:30 p.m., only when there is business to conduct or applications for a hearing has been made.  Variance hearings are advertised in the Erie Times.


  • Mark Cecchetti
  • Rita Nicolussi
  • Janelle DiFuccia