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  1. Call the Pa One Call System 3 working days before you dig. As an extra precaution, mark your excavation area in white before calling with a dig notification.
  2. By calling you allow the facility owners an opportunity to locate and mark their underground facilities in advance of the planned excavation. Protect and preserve markings until they are no longer required for a safe and proper excavation.
  3. Marking only indicates the approximate location of buried lines. After obtaining facility owner’s permission, hand dig test holes in a careful and prudent manner to determine the precise location of underground facility lines. Upon hand digging, if you are still unable to determine the exact location of the lines, call One Call or the facilty owner for assistance prior to any excavation.
  4. No construction or excavation activities of any kind are to be done on any pipeline easement area before the pipeline operator has established the location of all affected facilities and the limits of easements.
  5. Because of the critical nature of liquid pipelines and high pressure natural gas, facility owners want to be on site when construction or excavation activities are near the lines.
  6. Maintain a safe clearance between any subsurface facility and the cutting edge or point of powered equipment. The law requires use of prudent techniques inside 18″ of the outside edge of an underground facility.
  7. If you must expose a line, state law requires you to protect and support the underground facility line while working on the site. Ask the facility owner’s locator for help and advice when you are near underground lines.
  8. The excavator must renotify One CAll for new markings if the facility owner markings are destroyed or removed before excavation begins.
  9. The excavator must also notify One Call if the job is delayed more than 10 working days from the original start date.

For more information, contact the Lawrence Park Township Zoning Administrator: 814-899-2305