On what information is my sewer bill based?

Your sewer bill has a two-part charge: EDU and water consumption.  

Your sewer bill (from Erie Water Works) will list:

  1. Customer Service Charge (this is the EDU charge)
  2. Usage (the usage from your water meter reading)


What are the sewer rates?

The Township conducted a two-year rate and cost of service study of the sanitary sewer system. The study looked at revenues generated by the sewer system in conjunction with the expenses of the day-to-day operating costs, anticipated capital project costs and debt service. The study provides practical information to help the Commissioners ensure the sewer system can fund its operating costs and long-term capital projects and provide an equitable rate methodology.

Users of the system will be billed based on two items:

  1. EDU (equivalent dwelling unit) or meter size, and
  2. Water usage.

EDU portion of the sewer charge:

$25.94 per EDU Single Family Dwelling – 1 EDU (majority of residential customers)


Each of the following units equal 1 EDU:

  • Each multi-family dwelling unit or apartment unit: 1 EDU
  • Each mobile home unit within a mobile home park:  1 EDU
  • Commercial establishment containing, attached to, or appended to a residential unit: 1 EDU
  • Commercial, industrial, public determined by meter service size.
  • Your sewer bill will list a Customer Sewer Charge. This is the EDU charge.


Water usage portion of the sewer charge:

  • Water meter usage of 1 – 21 CCF: $2.02 per CCF Usage
  • Over 21 CCF: $2.02 for 70% of total usage


 How can I tell if I have a water leak?

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all water in your house including outside faucets.
  2. Look at the small leak detector triangle on your water meter register.  This detector can be red or black in color.
  3. If the leak indicator is moving, water is leaking somewhere in your system.
  4. Check all toilets and inside and outside faucets for leaks.
  5. If you determine there is no leak in your home or with outside faucets, call Erie Water Works at 870-8000.