(a)     Accumulations Prohibited

The intentional accumulation by the owner or occupant of property of leaves, trash, papers, bushes, branches, grass and all types of similar cuttings and debris (hereinafter referred to as “accumulations”) in the paved and travelled portions of the streets and in the gutters, culverts, sewers and drains thereof is hereby prohibited.

(b)     Exceptions

Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) hereof, accumulations of the types of materials specified may, from time to time as need arises generally within the Township, be authorized by the Board of Commissioners, but such accumulations shall be confined to the areas between the paved streets and the sidewalks (or property line where no sidewalks exist) in such manner as to accommodate the easy removal thereof, and no such accumulations shall be allowed or permitted in the areas specified in subsection (a) hereof.