888.01   TAX ADOPTED

The provisions of Article XI-D of the Tax Reform Code of 1971 imposing a realty transfer tax as authorized under that Article, subject to the rate limitations therein, are hereby adopted.  The tax imposed is at the rate of one percent.


The real estate transfer tax and all applicable interest and penalties shall be administered, collected, and enforced under the Act of December 31, 1965, known as “The Local Tax Enabling Act;” provided, that if the correct amount of the tax is not paid by the last date prescribed for timely payment, Lawrence Park Township, pursuant to Section 1102-D of the Tax Reform Code of 971, authorizes and directs the Department of Revenue of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to determine, collect, and enforce the tax, interest, and penalties.


Any tax imposed that is not paid by the date the tax is due shall bear interest as prescribed for interest on delinquent municipal claims under the Act of May 16, 1923, as amended, known as “The Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act.”

The interest rate shall be the lesser of the interest rate imposed upon delinquent Commonwealth taxes as provided in Section 806 of the Act of April 9, 1929, as amended, known as “The Fiscal Code,” or the maximum interest rate permitted under The Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act for tax claims.