(a)        The operation of the plan shall be supervised by the Board of Commissioners.   The Board of Commissioners shall have the power and authority, by a majority of its members, either directly or through a designated Plan Administrator, to do all acts and to execute, acknowledge, and deliver all instruments necessary to implement and effect the purpose of this plan.

(b)       The Plan Administrator shall keep such records as may be necessary for the determination of the status of each participant and the presumptive share of each participant in the Fund as determined by the actuary.

(c)        The Board of Commissioners shall have authority and shall be charged with the performance of the duties set forth in this plan, but shall have the authority by general rule or special decision to determine and make provisions for such items necessary for the proper carrying out and enforcement thereof that are not specifically provided by this plan at all times, however, subject to change by proper ordinance or resolution.


The Board of Commissioners is hereby authorized to take by gift, grant, devise or bequest of any money or property, real or personal, in trust as a part of the Pension Fund.  The care, management, investment and disposal of said Fund is hereby vested in the Board of Commissioners or its duly appointed delegate, subject to the provisions of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of this plan and any amendment thereto and subject to such direction not inconsistent therewith as the donors of such funds and property may prescribe.


In the investment, management or application of the Fund, the Board of Commissioners may consult with a Police Pension Fund Committee, which shall meet within thirty days following the adoption of the Township budget, six months thereafter and at such other times as may be desirable upon call of the Chairperson.  The Committee shall serve without compensation and shall consist of the following six Township officials while they are in the office as such:

(a)        The President of the Board of Commissioners, who shall be Chairperson of the Committee.

(b)       The Commissioner of Public Safety, who shall be Vice Chairperson, provided that if the President of the Board of Commissioners is also the Commissioner of Public Safety, then the Board of Commissioners shall choose one other of their members to serve on the Committee.

(c)        The Township Secretary who shall be Secretary of the Fund.

(d)       The Township Treasurer, who shall be Treasurer of the Fund.

(e)        The Chief of Police.

(f)        A police officer selected by the police force.


Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to obligate the employer, the Board, the Committee, the Plan Administrator or any fiduciary to provide any pension or other benefit to any participant, joint annuitant or beneficiary which cannot be provided from the assets available in the Pension Fund, whether such benefits are in pay status or otherwise payable under the terms of the plan.  The Board retains the right to amend or terminate this plan at any time, with or without cause and whether or not such action directly or indirectly results in the suspension, reduction or termination of any benefit payable under the plan or in pay status, and without liability to any person for any such action.