The purpose of this District is to provide for the manufacturing needs and potential of the Township.  This District will contain only those industrial establishments, heavy commercial activities, and facilities for manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage and warehousing which can conform to the performance standards of this Zoning Code.

The following uses are authorized:

Permitted Uses

  • Manufacturing
  • Office establishments
  • Warehouse or storage buildings
  • Wholesale establishments
  • Research and testing laboratories
  • Central distribution establishments
  • Truck terminals
  • Supply yards

Special Exception Uses

  • Automobile salvage and junk yards (Section 1286.16)
  • Other industries which meet the performance standards of this Zoning Code (Section 1286.17)
  • Renewable energy source (Section 1286.18)
  • Temporary structures (Section 1286.01)

Permitted Uses

  • Essential services
  • Public structures and grounds
  • Accessory uses and structures
  • Fences and walls (Section 1286.05)
  • Signs (Section 1286.04)
  • Child day care use center (Section 1286.23)
  • Nonresidential B-1 uses
  • Communications antennas mounted on an existing public utility transmission tower, building or other structure, including existing communications towers and communications equipment buildings

Conditional Uses

  • Natural gas production (Section 1286.19)
  • Water recreation and storage areas (Section 1286.03)
  • Communications towers, subject to the standards for communications towers as a conditional use set forth in Section 1284.04(g), and communications equipment buildings