The purpose of this District is to provide ample land area for the business potential of the Township.  While the District is primarily designed for the shopping convenience of persons residing within the Township, the uses provided for also serve regional interests and needs.  Since this District is the only business district within the Township, it is designed and intended to permit a wide range of commercial uses.  Standards are developed to provide an attractive, functional, and efficient central shopping and business district to protect existing investments and encourage reinvestment.

The following uses are authorized:

Permitted Uses

  • Private clubs and fraternal organizations
  • Private schools or training establishments
  • Eating and drinking establishments (non drive-in)
  • Essential services
  • Public structures and grounds
  • Personal and professional services
  • Funeral homes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Indoor commercial recreation
  • Retail business
  • Wholesale business
  • Churches
  • Medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes
  • Accessory uses and structures
  • Signs (Section 1286.04)
  • Fences and walls (Section 1286.05)
  • Child day care use center (Section 1286.23)
  • Bottle club (Section 1286.24)
  • Animal care
  • Communications antennas mounted on an existing public utility transmission tower, building, or other structure, including existing communications towers and communications equipment buildings
  • Short Term Rentals (Ref. Ordinance 2023-4)

Special Exception Uses

  • Automotive dealer establishments (Section 1286.11)
  • Automotive service establishments (Section 1286.12)
  • Car washes (Section 1286.13)
  • Drive-in establishments (Section 1286.14)
  • Residential uses (Section 1286.08)
  • Renewable energy source (Section 1286.18)
  • Temporary structures (Section 1286.01)
  • Day care (Sections 1286.21 and 1286.22)

Conditional Uses

  • Natural gas production (Section 1286.19)