The purpose of this District is to provide for a more diverse residential composition through allowing a variety of housing types to serve the future housing needs of the Township.  While a mix of housing types is provided for within this District, development standards are geared to obtain compatibility between the uses.  Secondary uses that do not create high volumes of traffic that are compatible with residential uses are also provided for within this District.

The following uses are authorized:

Permitted Uses

  • Single-family dwellings
  • Two-family dwellings
  • Essential services
  • Public structures and grounds
  • Accessory uses and structures
  • Churches
  • Signs (Section 1286.04)
  • Fences and walls (Section 1286.05)
  • Private swimming pools (Section 1286.035)
  • Communications antennas mounted on an existing public utility transmission tower, building, or other structure, and communications equipment buildings (Section 1286.27)

Conditional Uses

  • Water recreation and storage areas (Section 1286.03)
  • Natural gas production (Section 1286.19)

Special Exception Uses

  • Multifamily dwellings (Section 1286.06)
  • Multiple family dwellings (Section 1286.09)
  • Apartment conversions (Section 1286.07)
  • Home occupations (Section 1286.10)
  • Mobile home parks (Section 1286.15)
  • Temporary structures (Section 1286.01)
  • Renewable energy sources (Section 1286.18)
  • Community Residential Facilities (Section 1286.20)
  • Day care (Sections 1286.21 and 1286.22)