The purpose of this District is to preserve existing and encourage the continued development of single-family residential dwellings.  Additional land uses that are compatible with single-family dwellings are also provided for, as are various uses that may prove necessary due to future community development needs.

The following uses are authorized:

Permitted Uses

  • Single-family dwellings
  • Essential services
  • Public structures and grounds
  • Accessory uses and structures
  • Signs (Section 1286.04)
  • Fences and walls (Section 1286.05)
  • Private swimming pools (Section 1286.035)
  • Communications antennas mounted on an existing public utility transmission tower, building, or other structure, and communications equipment buildings (Section 1286.27)

Special Exception Uses

  • Home occupations (Section 1286.10)
  • Temporary structures (Section 1286.01)
  • Renewable energy source (Section 1286.18)
  • Day care (Section 1286.21)

Conditional Uses

  • Water recreation and storage areas (Section 1286.03)
  • Natural gas production (Section 1286.19)