The map entitled “Lawrence Park Township Zoning District Map” is hereby adopted as part of this Zoning Code and is included herein as Appendix I immediately following the text of this Zoning Code.  While a copy of this Map is included herein, the Official Zoning District Map shall be maintained and be available for inspection at the Township Building.  The Official Zoning District Map shall be updated in the future should there be any property rezoning amendments made pursuant to the procedure required by this Zoning Code and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.


The Township is divided into six districts shown by the district boundaries on the Zoning District Map, such districts shall be known as:

R-1 – Residential District

R-2 – Residential District

B-1 – Business District

I-1 – Industrial District

F-P – Flood Plain  Overlay District

C-1 – Conservation District


The boundaries between districts are centerlines of streets, or such lines extended or lines parallel thereto or concentric therewith, or property lines when proximate thereto, or may be numerical figures otherwise indicated on the Zoning Map.  When the Zoning Administrator cannot definitely determine the location of a district boundary, he/she shall consult the Zoning Hearing Board, which shall interpret the location of the district boundary.


Any land annexed to or made a part of the Township subsequent to the adoption of this Zoning Code shall immediately be classified in the same zoning district as the area to which it is contiguous, as of the effective date of annexation.  Within ninety days from the effective date of any annexation proceedings, the Township Planning Commission shall prepare and submit to the Commissioners a report and study of its recommendations for rezoning of the annexed territory.  The Planning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing thereon before submitting its final report to the Commissioners.


The minimum lot and yard requirements and other development standards for each zoning district are set forth within the chart located in Section 1280.01.  These standards must be met at the minimum as well as any other requirement(s) listed within this Zoning Code that apply to the respective use.  Any use not expressly listed for a district, or uses which the Zoning Officer cannot interpret as being of the same classification as a listed use, are prohibited within the district  Permitted uses require only normal application procedures, while conditional uses require the review by the Planning Commission, and the approval of the Township Board of Commissioners, while special exception uses require the review and approval of the Zoning Hearing Board.