As used in this chapter:

(a)        “Motor vehicle” means any propelled device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported.

(b)       “Public park or property” means land areas in the Township or being held in trust by or otherwise controlled by the Township and intended for recreational use, beautification, or any other Municipal use whatsoever.

(c)        “Township” means the Township of Lawrence Park.


(a)        Except as provided in Section 1062.03, it shall be unlawful for any motor vehicle to be operated upon any public park or property of the Township.

(b)       It shall be unlawful for any person having custody of any minor possessing a motor vehicle to allow such minor to operate the motor vehicle upon any such public park or property with his or her permission.  Failure of any such person to exercise appropriate control over a minor after a violation of this chapter by the minor has been reported to such person shall be evidence of permission by such person for the operation of the motor vehicle by the minor on any subsequent offense.

(c)        It shall be unlawful for any motor vehicle to be parked on a public park or property except in areas specifically laid out and designated for parking.

1062.03   EXCEPTIONS

The provisions of this chapter shall not prohibit the use of motor vehicles upon public parks or property in the following cases:

(a)        In the maintenance of such parks or property by any person authorized by the Board of Township Commissioners.

(b)       In duly authorized parades and public gatherings.

(c)        In emergencies.

(d)       In other cases authorized in advance by the Commissioners of Safety or Parks and Recreation.

1062.04   HOURS

All “public park or property” located in the Township shall be closed from one-half (1/2) hour after sunset until one-half (1/2) hour prior to sunrise, unless otherwise specifically authorized in advance by the Commissioner of Safety and/or Parks and Recreation.


No bathing, swimming, or other similar water activities are permitted at and about the Lakeside Access Area.

1062.99   PENALTY

Any person violating any provision of this chapter may, upon conviction thereof by a Justice of the Peace, be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding three hundred dollars ($300.00).