(a)        Persons residing in Lawrence Park Township whose waste is currently being picked up by the Township and who are currently being billed for the same shall separate cans (aluminum, steel, and bi-metal), plastic bottles (milk, soda, detergent, and shampoo – category “1” and “2” HDPE and PET PLASTIC), clear colorless glass bottles and jars, and any other recyclables that the Township may wish to designate in the future, from other Municipal waste generated at their homes, apartments, and other establishments, and store the separated recyclables until they are delivered to a designated recycling center or collected by the Township.

(b)       Newspapers will be accepted anytime in a specifically designated recycling roll-off container.  These roll-off containers will be located in the rear parking lot of the Township Building located at 4230 Iroquois Avenue and on the east side of Joliette Avenue at the corner of Joliette and East Lake Road.

(c)        Persons residing in the Township shall separate leaf waste and grass clippings from other waste generated at their homes, apartments, and other establishments until the leaf waste and grass clippings are transported to the Township’s designated and DER-approved leaf and lawn waste composting facility.  Persons may compost the leaf waste on their property or on other private property where a leaf collection facility has been established by the property owner.

(d)       An owner, landlord, or agent of multifamily rental housing properties can comply with his or her responsibilities under this chapter by establishing a collection system for recyclable materials and leaf waste at each property.  The collection system must include suitable containers for collecting and sorting materials, an easily accessible location for the containers and written instructions to the occupants concerning the use and availability of the collection system.  Owners, landlords, and agents of owners or landlords who comply with this chapter shall not be liable for the noncompliance of occupants of their buildings.  The Township will hold such occupants responsible.  In addition, such occupants will leave containers for the next occupants.


Persons occupying commercial, retail, industrial, Municipal, and institutional establishments, and mobile home parks, within the Township, shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter if those persons have otherwise provided for the recycling of materials.  To be eligible for an exemption, a commercial, retail, industrial, Municipal or institutional establishment, or mobile home park, solid waste generator, must annually submit a written report and provide supporting documentation to the Township.  The written report shall be on forms obtainable from the Township and shall state the total number of tons of recycled materials in each of the following categories:  clear glass, brown glass, green glass, mixed glass, aluminum, steel/bi-metal cans, office paper, newsprint, corrugated paper, plastic-PET, plastic-HDPE, mixed plastics, leaves, and commingled materials.  Attached to the report must be corroborating documentation consisting of weigh slips or information on the letterhead of the hauler or market.  Such annual report and supporting documentation must be filed with the Township on or before February 15 of the prior calendar year.


The Township will have a scheduled curbside collection for non-exempt properties for the designated separated recyclable materials on the first and third Fridays of each month.  The first collection under this chapter will take place on February 4, 1994; the second collection on February 18, 1994; the third collection on March 4, 1994; and so on.  Separated materials will be collected from the curbside or alley of private property by the Township and shall be separated and prepared as follows:

(a)        Aluminum, steel, and bi-metal cans (e.g., vegetable, fruit, pet food, juice and coffee cans, etc., including large economy size) must be rinsed and placed in the gray recycling container.  Crushing cans and removing labels are optional.

(b)       Only colorless glass (food and beverage containers) is to be separated.  The tops shall be removed and the glass rinsed.  Glass shall not be broken and is to be placed in the green recycling container.  (Removal of labels is optional.)

(c)        Grade 1 and Grade 2 plastic bottles and jars (e.g., milk, soda, and detergent) are to be separated.  Plastics must be rinsed and placed in the blue recycling container.  (Removal of labels and crushing are optional.)

(d)       Newspapers are to be dropped inside specifically designated recycling roll-off containers.  These roll-offs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are located in two separate areas within the Township.  The first location will be in the rear parking lot of the Township Building located at 4230 Iroquois Avenue.  The second location will be on the east side of Joliette Avenue at the corner of East Lake Road and Joliette Avenue.

(e)        As markets for recyclable materials change, the designated materials to be recycled by persons in the Township may change.  One material may be discontinued and another added.  Different materials to be recycled must be separated according to instructions and placed in containers provided by the Township.  Materials to be recycled are to be clean and free of contaminants and non-recyclable materials.

(f)        The Township reserves the right to change the materials to be collected, as well as the dates for collection, as the need dictates.  Such change shall be done by resolution of the Board of Commissioners, as deemed necessary.


(a)        All residents, commercial, retail, industrial, Municipal, and institutional establishments, mobile home parks, and community activities in the Township are required to separate the materials (unless exempt) identified in this chapter from their other Municipal wastes.  For those locations from which the Township currently collects Municipal waste and which the Township bills for the same, the Township will provide service to collect recyclables from alleys where they exist, and from curbsides where alleys do not exist, every first and third Friday of the month.

(b)       Recyclable materials shall not be placed at the curb or alley more than 16 hours prior to the scheduled time of collection.  Recyclable materials must be placed at the curb or alley and in the appropriate containers for Township pick-up.  No other person, business, or other entity shall remove the material without the Township’s written permission.


Enforcement of this chapter shall be the duty appointed Code Enforcement Officer.


(a)        A violation of this chapter shall be deemed to occur after delivery of the first warning and upon a second or subsequent violation of this chapter.

(b)       Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be notified of the violation by certified and regular mail and shall be given ten days from the date of mailing to comply with the terms of this chapter.


The following fees are established and effective immediately.

(a)        Recycling container:  $10.00.

(b)       Recycling lid:  $2.00.

1061.99   PENALTY

(a)        Any violation of this chapter subsequent to the notice and time period to comply as set forth in Section 1061.06, and within two years from the date of said notice, shall, upon conviction therefor before the District Justice, be subject to a fine of three hundred dollars ($300.00) and the costs of prosecution (including attorney’s fees) for each separate offense.

(b)       All revenues generated and all fines levied, assessed and paid pursuant to the terms of this chapter shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the Township for the general use of the Township.