To the residents of Lawrence Park:

Our hope is to post short articles, such as this one, from time to time on our website. This will help keep LP residents informed of various things in our community.

The subject of this article is communication!  We should be able to provide quick updates through these articles on matters such as: major projects, frequently asked questions (FAQs), concerns within our community, etc.

We would like to mention social media while we are on the topic of communication. While it can be a form of mass communication, we all need to be cautious of what is shared!  When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact the township directly. You can reach the township office by calling 814-899-2305.  You will get a recording that gives you several options in which to leave your message.  If you prefer to contact us via email, there is a link on our webpage (  Just click on the CONTACT US button.

Although we do strongly encourage attendance / participation at the township meetings, it’s understood that not everyone can attend.  The meetings are held at the township building on the second Wednesday of every month.  The work session begins at 5:30pm and the actual meeting starts at 6:00pm. Both are open to the public.

Thank you and we hope to see and hear from you!

Lawrence Park Township
Board of Commissioners