The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is encouraging all Pennsylvanians to only flush toilet paper and human waste.  Sewage treatment facilities are dealing with an increase in non-flushable materials that clog filters and equipment.  Flushing or dumping the wrong things down the toilet can cause blockages in a home or business as well as problems in the local sewer system.  These products do not break down like toilet paper and can clog systems very quickly.  Many sewer blockages occur between the house or business and the sewer main, where the property owner is responsible for correcting and paying for the repair.

Residents and businesses should refrain from disposing of food scraps, grease, fat, or oil down the drain.  These should also be disposed of in the trash to help keep wastewater pipes clear.  Grease, fat, and oil can solidify and adhere to the insides of the pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses.  Over time, these buildups can restrict the flow of wastewater.

Garbage disposals do not prevent grease from washing down the drain.  Food scraps, grease, fat, and oil should be removed from cookware, plates, utensils, and cooking surfaces, placed in a sealed container, and disposed of in the trash.  Baskets/strainers should also be installed in sink drains to catch food scraps.

Never flush the following items or put them down the garbage disposal or drain.  Toss them in the trash instead: 

Baby Or Facial/Cleaning Wipes  •  Tampons  •  Sanitary Napkins  •  Medication  •  Hair  •  Dental Floss  •  Cotton Swabs/Balls  •  Bandages  •  Rags And Towels  •  Rubber Items (Latex Gloves)  •  Fat  •  Cooking Oil  •  Grease  •  Face Masks  •  Clothing Labels  •  Candy/Food Wrappers  •  Syringes  •  Cigarette Butts  •  Disposable Toilet Brushes  •  Kitty Litter  •  Aquarium Gravel  •  Plastic Items  •  Diapers  •  Fruit Stickers  •  Paper Towels  •  Condoms