What if I have an animal complaint?

Lawrence Park has a dog control officer to handle all complaints regarding dogs.  Call the Police Department at 814-898-1634.


When or what can I burn?

People occupying a single-family or two-family building may burn, within the following parameters: 

  • Paper products or dry vegetable matter (such as wood or leaves) on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on their own property, no closer than 6 feet of an adjoining property line.
  • All fires must be extinguished by the end of the permitted burning period.
  • Burning must be enclosed in a container no larger than a standard 55 gallon drum and have a cover to contain the ashes and other materials, if neceesary.  Ashes and other waste cannot be permitted to escape the burning container.
  • A competent person, at least 16 years old, must attend the fire at all times.
  • A supply of water must be available to extinguish the fire in case of danger or excessive smoke.

The Board of Commissioners may temporarily suspend burning privileges in the event of a drought or other dangerous burning conditions.

Burning restrictions can be altered for individuals after petitioning the Board of Commissioners and receiving approval.  Petitions, in writing, must be submitted prior to a scheduled Board meeting.


 Is there a curfew?

There is a curfew for any minor under the age of 18 years.  The cannot be on or remain in or upon the streets, alleys or public places within the Township at night between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. of the following day unless the minor is accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian over the age of 21 years.


  • In case of emergency or reasonble necessity, but only after the parent or legal guardian has communicated the facts to the police departement and receiving approval.
  • When returning home, by a direct route, from a school activity, an activity of a religious organization, voluntary association or established club, or a legitimate place of employment, within 30 minutes of the termination of the activitiy or employment.
  • When the minor is, with the consent of a parent or legal guardian, in a motor vehicle traveling between specific destinations.  This exception does not apply when the vehicle has stopped or parked other than at the specific destination.

It is the parent’s or legal guardian’s responsibility to monitor the whereabouts of his or her minor child.  Penalites for violation of this ordinance apply to parents and the minor.


What is the fireworks ordinance?

“It is unlawful for any person, copartnership, association, or corporation within the Township of Lawrence Park to sell, expose or offer for sale, give, discharge, fire, use, set off or explode any rocket, blank cartridge, pistol for the use of blank cartridges, torpedo, Roman candle, squib, firecracker, sparkler or other fireworks of any kind whatsoever, or any substance or explosive intended for pyrotechnical display…” (Ord. 678.06).  The only exception is pyrotechnical displays authorized by the Board of Commissioners.


What are the hours of operation for the Lawrence Park Township Police Department?

Police coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The police department office is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays, except holidays.  When the department’s office is not staffed, the East County Communication Center handles all calls. They, in turn, dispatch police officers to handle situations.  There is a courtesy telephone in the police department lobby, which connects directly with East County Communication.

Lawrence Park Police Department
4230 Iroquois Avenue
Erie, PA  16511
814-898-1634, non-emergency calls



How do I report a crime?

Crimes can be reported in following ways:

  1. Calling the police department.
  2. Personal appearance at the police station.
  3. Calling East County Communication using the courtesy phone in the police station’s lobby.
  4. Dialing 911 for an emergency.

If nobody is staffing the office at the time of your call, it is transferred automatically to East County Communications. Officers are dispatched immediately.


What do I do if my vehicle is impounded?

Police officers are authorized to remove by towing and have stored any vehicle parked on any street, roadway, or public property in the Township in violation of any provision of law, Township Ordinance, or in the interest of public safety or emergency.  Police will will provide impounded vehicle  information to the vehicle’s owner at all reasonable times.

The vehicle’s owner is responsible for towing and storage charges.


What is the noise ordinance?

“No person shall operate, play or permit the playing of any radio, stero, television, phonograph, drum, musical instrument, sound amplifier, automobile radio, automobile stereo or hi-fidelity equipment or similar devices, which produces, reproduces or amplifies sound:

a. Which creates a noise disburbance across a real property boundary;
b. In such a manner as to create a noise disturbance across a real property boundary when operated in or on a motor vehicle located on a public right-of-way or public space, including, but not limited to, roads and sidewalks;
c. In such a manner as to create a noise disturbance to any person other than the operator of the device, when operated by any passenger on a common carrier; or
d. At such sound intensity that the sound is audible in any public area, street or sidewalk at a distance of fifty feet or more from its source.” (Ord. 656.03)


What does a parking ticket cost and where do I pay it?

Parking tickets are to be paid at the Police Department at 4230 Iroquois Avenue, Erie, PA  16511 either in person or by mail. (Parking regulations are enforced 365 days a year.)


$15.00 if paid within 72 hours of the time that the ticket is issued
$25.00, If paid 72 hours of the ticket being issued, until day 7
$50.00, if the fine is not paid within 7 days of the date that ticket was issued. (On day 7 the fine goes to $50, until a state citation is issued)

The district magistrate settles parking ticket disputes. Court dates are set by the magistrate’s office. Protests that fail cause court costs to be added to the amount of the parking fine.


What if I receive a traffic ticket?

Traffic citations must be paid, either in person or through the mail, at the district magistrate’s office (District Justice Mark Krahe, 3921 Buffalo Road, Erie, PA  16510).  Protested tickets are handled through court hearings. Failed protests cause court costs to be added to the case’s outcome.


What is the weapons ordinance?

Minors under the age of 18 years cannot possess, use, or intend to use, any rifle or air pistol, slingshot or similar device within the Township.  Further, it is against the law to permit any minor under the age of 18 to use these devices within the Township’s borders.  The Police Department is authorized to seize and destroy any of these weapons. (This includes BB guns, paintball guns etc.)

It is against the law for anyone to discharge a rifle,gun, pistol, arrow or other projectile from a bow or slingshot within 450 feet of a dwelling house, school, park or other occupied structure.  There are two exceptions:

  • If the person has the permission of the owner of the house, school, park or other occupied structure, and if the projectile remains on the property for which permission has been obtained.
  • Weapons may be discharged inside a totally enclosed structure which would not permit the projectile to exit the structure.