What does a parking ticket cost and where do I pay it?

Parking tickets are to be paid at the Police Department at 4230 Iroquois Avenue, Erie, PA  16511 either in person or by mail. (Parking regulations are enforced 365 days a year.)


$15.00 if paid within 72 hours of the time that the ticket is issued
$25.00, If paid 72 hours of the ticket being issued, until day 7
$50.00, if the fine is not paid within 7 days of the date that ticket was issued. (On day 7 the fine goes to $50, until a state citation is issued)

The district magistrate settles parking ticket disputes. Court dates are set by the magistrate’s office. Protests that fail cause court costs to be added to the amount of the parking fine.

What if I receive a traffic ticket?

Traffic citations must be paid, either in person or through the mail, at the district magistrate’s office (District Justice Lisa Ferrick, 3921 Buffalo Road, Erie, PA  16510).  Protested tickets are handled through court hearings. Failed protests cause court costs to be added to the case’s outcome.