Red Cross


Things to do to prepare your household for an emergency.

1.  Pick two meeting places; choose a place where everyone will meet if you all have to leave your home quickly.  Make sure that it is a safe distance from your home and that you have two ways out of your home.

2. Do a drill to make sure that everyone understands where they are to go to.

3. Review and update this plan regularly.

4. Have one person outside of the house as a contact person.  Everyone should know their phone number.  This way if someone is not home they are to call this person and let them know where they are and that they are okay.  If a family member is looking for that person they will know who to contact.


Try to store these items in 1 or 2 containers:

1.         Water, 1 gallon per person in household

2.         Ready to eat or canned meats, fruits & vegetables (be sure to keep the supply fresh)

3.         Non-electric can opener

4.         Cups, plates & utensils

5.         Flashlight & extra batteries

6.         Battery-powered radio & extra batteries

7.         Matches in waterproof container

8.         Fire extinguisher

9.         Scissors

10.       Needles & thread

11.       Whistle

12.       Compass & map

13.       Paper & pencils

14.       Blankets and/or sleeping bags

15.       Change of clothes

16.       Sturdy shoes or boots

17.       Rain gear, winter coats

18.       Emergency cash

19.       First aid kit including bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, elastic bandages, aspirin, cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, decongestant tablets. Antacids, anti-diarrhea medicine, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, alcohol swabs, iodine or hydrogen peroxide, sting or bite ointment, antibiotic ointment, disposable gloves, cotton balls, a list of family members’ allergies, health conditions and medicines

20.       Soap & hand sanitizer

21.       Toilet paper & paper towels

22.       Garbage bags

23.       Toothbrush & paste

24.       Shampoo & deodorant

25.       Feminine supplies

26.       Diapers, wipes

27.       Comb, brush

28.       Disinfectant

29.       Household chlorine bleach


Review your supplies, throw out old medications, update family members’ listing, replace old batteries, and so on.

Keep copies of important family documents in a waterproof container:

1.  Licenses or other ID

2.  Social security cards

3.  Passports

4.  Health insurance cards

5.  Immunization records

6.  Birth, marriage & death certificates

7.  Record of bank accounts

8.  Credit cards

9.  Insurance policies

10. Wills, contracts & deeds

11.  Record of stocks, bonds or retirement accounts

In all situations please stay as calm as possible.  If you stay calm the emergency personal will be able to assist you and better understand what you are saying.  We hope that you never have to use any of these tips but, if the situation arises we hope that this will help you be better prepared.