With funding available for property and business owners for façade projects

Building on the success of the first round of the Façade Improvement Grant Program, which last year provided $19,770 to four projects resulting in more than $40,000 in completed and planned investments on Main Street, Preservation Erie, in partnership with Lawrence Park Township, is opening a second round of Façade Improvement Grants. Funding for these grant programs comes from a Mission Main Street Grant awarded to Preservation Erie in 2019 from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA).

Commercial buildings within the designated downtown boundary, which is defined for the purpose of this program as Main Street from Priestley Avenue to Iroquois Avenue and Iroquois Avenue from Smithson Avenue to Nagle Road. Property owners, as well business owners who lease space in the downtown, are encouraged to apply for the grants.

All grants will be made on a 50/50 matching basis. Preservation Erie will provide up to 50% of the project cost as a grant, with the remaining 50% of the cost being the property/business owner’s responsibility.

The deadline for applicants to apply is July 30, 2021.

Grant guidelines and applications are available through the township’s office and website, as well as Preservation Erie’s website http://preservationerie.org. Applicants with questions regarding the application or the eligibility of a project are encouraged to contact Preservation Erie at (814) 403-1772 or info@preservationerie.org.