Township Code (ordinances) through 2013 are available for viewing below or at the Township Offices. The descriptions below are not all inclusive, so please view the code sections or index. Also be sure to view the previous year’s or current year’s ordinances (if any) as they will update the various sections of the Code listed below.

All Township Codes are for reference purposes only.

  • Index
  • Part Two – Administration Code General Provisions, Legislation, Administration, Boards Commissions and Authorities, Employment Provisions and Judiciary
  • Part Four, Traffic Code Administration Enforcement and Penalty, Special Uses of Public Ways, Operation of Vehicles Generally, Parking
  • Part Six, General Offenses Code Alcoholic Beverages, Animals, Offenses Relating to Property, Peace Disturbances, Safety Sanitation and Health, Weapons and Explosives
  • Part Eight, Business Regulation and Taxation Code Business Regulation – Cable Television, Mechanical Amusement Devices, Rental Unit and Tenant Registration, Sexually Oriented Businesses, Transient Retail Businesses; Taxation – Earned Income Tax, Local Services Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax, Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance
  • Part-Ten-Streets-Utilities-and-Public-Services-Code Street and Sidewalk Areas – Excavation, Trees; Sewers Generally, Pretreatment Regulations
  • Part Ten, Continued  Stormwater Management, Sewer Rates and Charges, Water, Electricity, Gas; Other Public Services – Garbage Collection and Disposal, Recycling, Parks and Recreation Areas, Use of Township Facilities and Services.
  • Part Twelve, Planning and Zoning Code  Planning Commission, Subdivision Regulations – General Provisions and Definitions, Administration Enforcement and Penalty, Plan Processing Procedures, Plan Specifications, Design Standards, Improvements
  • Part Twelve, continued  Zoning – General Provisions and Definitions, Administration Enforcement and Penalty, Zoning Hearing Board, Districts Generally, R-1 and R-2 Residential Districts, B-1 Business Districts, I-1 Industrial Districts, F-P Flood Plain Districts, C-1 Conservation Districts, Airport District Overlay, Lot Height and Yard Requirements, Nonconforming Uses, Conditional Uses, Signs, Supplementary Regulations
  • Part-Fourteen-Building-and-Housing-Code_Part1 /Part-Fourteen-Building-and-Housing-Code_Part2  Building – Flood Control, Bluff Setbacks, Numbering of Buildings, Uniform Construction Code; Housing – General Provisions, Administration Enforcement and Penalty, General Requirements
  • Part Sixteen, Fire Prevention Code  Fire Prevention and Other Emergency Services