Board of Commissioners

Back, left to right, Justyn Roda, Jan Cabaday, Tom Buchleitner

Front, left to right, Shelly Messina, Tammy Benovic

Tom Buchleitner, President

Commissioner of Administration & Fire Department

Liaison to:

  • ECOG
  • Allegheny League of Municipalities


Jan Cabaday, Vice President

Commissioner of Sewer & Sanitation

Liaison to:

  • ECOG (Alternate)
  • East Erie Communications Center


Tammy Benovic

Commissioner of Parks & Recreation

Liaison to:

  • CZM
  • ECATO (Alternate)
  • Allegheney League of Municipalities (Alternate)


Justyn Roda

Commissioner of Safety & Buildings

Liaison to:

  • Erie Metropolitan Planning Org. (MPO)
  • East Erie Communications Center (Alternate)


Shelly Messina

Commissioner of Streets