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The Township currently has vacancies to be filled

1.   EESRCA – 2  Vacancies serving through 2019

2. Planning Commission – 1 Vacancy serving through 2016

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Click here and learn more about the trail and park project.  This summer the trail will be completed and new playground equipment installed at Lake Cliff Park!

Grants finance upgrades at Lawrence Park public spaces

Jim Garland, 32, of Heckman Diversified Construction, is shown working to the left of the new play structure June 11 at Lake Cliff Park in Lawrence Township. The park is undergoing $339,000 of improvements, including a quarter-mile walking trail, new playground equipment, and handicap parking spaces. The project is scheduled to be completed in July of 2015.

“You need to tell a story when you write the grant application so that people, as they are reviewing it, know that this is not just a piece of property that’s vacant and that you want to be developed, but something that the community will use,” Rodemaker said. “Our community really needs and uses these parks. And they haven’t been updated in years.”

The paved path at Lake Cliff Park will connect the park playground, in Lawrence Park’s Lake Cliff neighborhood, to the boat launch near the western end of Lakeside Drive. The quarter-mile path will accommodate a variety of uses, Rodemaker said.

“Kids will be able to ride their bikes and Rollerblade on the path. You can walk and walk your dog there. It will be handicapped and stroller accessible,” she said.

The improvements had been on the drawing board for several years.

“I can’t believe that after spending all this time working on this, after all the paperwork, headaches and tears, that this is really happening,” Rodemaker said.

Some of those tears may have been shed when township commissioners cut Napier Park improvements from their 2015 to-do list this spring when bids for the Lake Cliff project came in higher than expected. The low bid was $339,071.

“We’d been going to do Lake Cliff and phase I at Napier Park, but rather than scale back Lake Cliff, we’re not using this funding toward Napier at all and designating the rest of the money for Teker Park,” Rodemaker said.

Teker Park, near East Lake Road and Iroquois Avenue, will get benches, landscaping and interpretive panels detailing township history.

“The concept is that it will be a gateway to Lawrence Park. People from the township will have a little more access to it, and anyone traveling will have the chance to pull off the road and relax,” Rodemaker said.

The cost will be roughly $180,000.

Access is the main issue at Napier Park, where steep steps from Napier Avenue and its signature Lawrence Park row houses lead down to the public space. Plans to improve accessibility, build restrooms and resurface park basketball courts are on hold pending additional funding, Rodemaker said.

Rodemaker plans to keep applying for grants to improve parks for summer programs, family reunions, picnics and just plain R & R.

“My goal is $2 million. Then I’ll walk away and say I’ve done my job,” she said.


Another grant will help Lawrence Park Township put on a party on July 4.  The $897 grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue authority will help foot the bill for a children’s bike parade; Main Street parade with bands, clowns and floats; and events at Napier Park, including fireworks.  For more information or a schedule, visit


Lawrence Park Township is Erie County’s only First Class Township, with a population of 3,741 in an area of 1.84 square miles, including General Electric Transportation Systems and the Lawrence Park Golf Club. A drive around Lawrence Park is a delight as the many parks, well maintained homes and lake area are a pleasure to see anytime of the year.

This small area nurtures a very strong sense of community in its residents as evident by their strong support of the schools and the wide range of community events – Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade activities and fireworks, Halloween Trick or Treat and Santa in the Park, and, of course, the Summer Recreation Programs in our playgrounds.

Lawrence Park has a well deserved reputation of providing a good wholesome atmosphere to live and raise a family – good schools, playgrounds, supervised summer recreation and safety programs are just a few reasons why people are attracted to Lawrence Park and stay in Lawrence Park.